Sickness and Pets

I have been so sick this week. Since I was feverish and not able to keep anything down, I stayed home from work. At first Rachel our dog was so excited to have me home, but she quickly realized that I wasn’t there to play. As I lay in our bed or on our couch …

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Coconut Oil and Dogs

My puppy dog really battles with dry skin. Because of this she sheds much more than the average lab and is constantly itching and biting herself. Our new vet recommended putting omega 3 oil on her food to help with shedding. You can get some cheap online. This stuff has seemed to help, but another …

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Ten Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat with Your Dog

Rachel loves going on walks and exploring the dog park. The only issue is it is very hot here in Memphis in the summer. We have consistently been in the low 100°F temperatures with 40-60% humidity. With Rachel being a black lab, she gets hotter faster in these temperatures. We always try to be conscious …

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