Awkward Adventures…Love Time

It’s the month of love, so I thought this month’s Awkward Adventures should be love related. Darren and I have had plenty of awkward moments in the love department, but this month I had a friend who has had quite possibly the most awkward love adventure ever and she gave me permission to share... My …

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Awkward Adventures Sledding

We are surrounded by snow and subzero temperatures. It is perfect weather to stay inside bundled up writing blog posts. But the freezing cold has given me inspiration for this months awkward adventure. So settle in and get ready to read about my sledding adventure. Where I grew up it was flat. The biggest hill …

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Awkward Adventures, Halloween

I have always liked Halloween. I like dressing up and I like hearing the spooky stories. I actually only like hearing spooky stories for small children though. Real horror absolutely terrifies me. Although I do love the Halloween movies and The Shinning is more suspenseful to me than scary. But this months awkward adventure is …

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