Everything happens for a reason

When my best friend came to visit we went to Canada. Just to say we got to go to another country together. We had a great lunch and fun running around the cold city right over the boarder from where she was flying out of. Then my passport ended up in Arizona with her and we didn’t realize the mix up until literally 2 weeks before I flew to another country. She mailed it to me, but somehow the 3 day mailing took almost a whole week. On top of that more and more bad news kept piling on. I took out my feelings of loss and grief on her and the passport issue.

As stressful as a time as this was, I already have learned so much from it. I learned I need to have faith. I prayed and prayed and prayed for my passport to arrive and to put my trust in God. I learned how comforting it is to have a plan. Knowing that the last date to get a passport at a specific office was possible and getting a plan set up for that helped me to feel less anxious. Also knowing I had an awesome husband who was willing to do as much research as possible to find out what needed to be done helped immensely. He really is my rock. Knowing that I had the support of my family in this was also invaluable. I needed a birth certificate just incase I didn’t get my passport, and my mom hung up the phone with me and drove directly to the post office to overnight it. I learned that from this situation I could choose to be mad, but it wouldn’t change anything. I could choose to end a friendship over my anger or I could forgive the silly mistake and put my trust that this will work out. I ended up having a tearful phone call with my bestie where I was able to get some things off of my chest and literally move forward from. Honestly I think this made her and my relationship better, since she forced me to be open with her. Now with my passport in hand I can look back at this whole situation and say it was worth it. Everything really does happen for a reason.


2 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason

  1. foster advocate justice

    Good takes the bad and it’s it for his good! Glad you made it through that messy situation though! Hope things start getting better for you soon!

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