Eyebrow filler hack

I dye my hair a lot. Sometimes I experiment with my color. I have been red, caramel, jet black, mahogany, and my natural brown. Right now I am currently a very dark brown. My eyebrows are still a medium brown. I don’t always change my brow color because it sometimes is a hassle. However to help match my hair color I would use a brow pencil to help fill in color. While this worked I didn’t like how you could sometimes tell I had drawn on my face. So I switched to brow powder. I loved the brow powder. It helped my eyebrows look more full and natural.

What I don’t love about brow powder though is how expensive it is and how limited the colors can be. With how often I have changed my hair color I hate the idea of constantly buying brow powder, so I started using eye shadow. Eye shadow comes in a wide array of colors. I have found that if I buy some great primer and use drugstore cheap eye shadow in my brows, it lasts just as long as the brow powder. Plus since the eye shadow is cheaper I don’t feel bad about not using it all before my next hair appointment. I personally like using the tarte primer. I love this little trick and love that I can now have limitless hair colors.


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