This is what dreams are made of

I always heard from a young age to follow your dreams. I heard if you love what you do then you never work a day in your life. All these people give you advice on how to be successful and how to follow your heart. They say if you are passionate then success will follow. They say that the harder you work the more success and respect you earn. It almost feels like they sell you all these promises, but the truth is that only so many of us will make it to become super successful.

It’s a hard pill to swallow after being promised the world, but it actually is for the best. Not all of us can become movie stars or CEOs, some of us need to play supporting roles. Some of us don’t have grandiose dreams. Some of us dream of life outside of the office and outside of work. Take myself for an example. When I was younger I dreamed about moving to a big city and being a successful business woman. Then I left a small town. I went to college in a city and I hated it. There was too much light, too much noise, and not what I really wanted.

I still decided that I wanted to be a business woman, but I wanted more. I wanted a life that allowed me to travel and I wanted a job that would support that. I wanted a job that allowed me to support my life and lifestyle. I didn’t want to live for my work. I wanted to have a fulfilling career but honestly my job wasn’t what was important to me. Really I just want to have a loving dog, a bit of land, my husband, and time to enjoy it all. Those are my dreams. I have changed jobs a few times now in hopes of finding that dream. I want something that gives me a work life balance. I don’t have a dream of being a CEO. I have a dream of a happy home with a few adventures to new places sprinkled in. So far I have achieved most of my dreams and my heart’s desires.

That’s the beauty of the mediocre dreams. Yes, I am sure I can push myself harder and further, but at what cost. The cost would be my happiness. My happiness is more important to me than a job. My happiness is and time with my loved ones is more important to me than being a top accountant. My happiness is my dream and I follow it well.


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