A dish of teamwork

Last night I wanted to write a blog post. I hadn’t actually been that inspired to sit down and write this weekend, but last night I wanted to be productive and get back into my schedule. I wanted to get the dishes done, I wanted to get laundry done, and I wanted to get some cleaning done. I basically wanted to get everything back in order after being sick this past week/weekend. Last night though, I took the pup on a long walk and made dinner; then I fell asleep on my chair for at least 2 hours before going to bed. This morning I wanted to get up early. I had plans to work out before work and get back into my routine. Instead I slept through my alarms (much to my husband’s annoyance). Everything I wanted to do and get done I had just slept through.

I griped about this to my husband. I also apologized to him for not helping to get the garbage out last night. Ugh I was feeling like a failure as a wife. Then Darren told me to stop being mad at myself. He said that I am just getting over being sick and my body needs to still rest. Even more so though we were a team. For better or for worse meant occasionally he would do the dishes in addition to the other chores he does. When I started to protest again, he said that he did the dishes before me and he will do them again when I die. I laughed at that. It’s true we do have chores around our house. We split the list and I take chores he hates like vacuuming or dishes while he does dusting and window washing. We both hate laundry…but when we were living in Memphis and he wasn’t home as often, I took on more of the household burden since the other part of my team couldn’t handle it. That’s what we are we are a team, and for better or for worse one way or another the dishes will get done.


One thought on “A dish of teamwork

  1. foster advocate justice

    I love that feeling of being a team. Whenever me and Quentin accomplish something together I squeak “team work” at him in a high girl voice and high five him! 🙂

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