Gratitude Challenge March

It is finally the end of March. I just always think March is an incredibly long month. I suppose it’s because February is such a short month that those three extra days in March really drag out for me. As I sat down to try and reflect on the month, absolutely nothing was coming to me. I instead ended up falling asleep. 2 hours later though after waking up from my long nap, I had a fresh mind and could finally reflect on my March. I realized why it felt like such a long month, we packed a lot into it. I went to a wine festival, I had my bestie come and visit, we went to March Madness, I went to Indianapolis, and I got sick. Every weekend had an adventure packed into it. Every week was full of work. This March had barely any downtime for me.

That’s what I had today though. The very last day in March was a perfect lazy Sunday. We woke up without alarms. I enjoyed a cup of coffee. We went to a church. The sermon was excellent and thought provoking. It was about how we are equal in the eyes of the lord, so why aren’t we too each other. The sermons message ignited great lunch conversation with my husband and I over at my favorite Mexican restaurant. We got grocery shopping done and then I came home to my two hour nap. After I finish this blog post I will heat up leftovers and convince the husband to go watch more serial killer documentaries with me.

So that’s what I am thankful for this month. No, not serial killers…but I am thankful for downtime. March was a great month filled with many great things, friends and adventures, but I am so thankful for those lazy uneventful days. I had even wrote an earlier blog post this month about how nice after a visit it was to get back into routine life. I still think that and I still am grateful for those easy restful days that we all need.


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