Cleaning House for the Lazy People

I love having a clean house. It makes me feel more in control of my life, less stressed and just happy. However I am also very lazy and have come to realize that if things aren’t convenient to do they get put off. I recently took a vacation day to completely clean my house from top to bottom. While I hated taking a vacation day from work to work, I was able to get so much done and if I had to run an errand no one was at the store since they were all at work! It was a super productive day and super productive spring cleaning. But the purpose of this post is not to brag about how great I am at spring cleaning, because I am not, it is to give you some lazy hacks to make you feel more on top of your cleaning.

My first tip actually takes some time to make. But I got tired of wasting money on disinfecting wipes that are single use. It is literally throwing money away, even though I love how convenient they are. So I cleaned out a few candle jars, bought some microfiber washcloths, and made my own. I used microfiber car washcloths since they are gentle on painted surfaces and still have scrubbing power. I mixed a solution of rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and essential oils for scent. Put my cloths into the jars and poured in the solution. I store these jars on the countertops of my bathrooms and kitchen. Since they are cute glass jars they look nice and are in a convenient spot for me to just quickly wipe the countertop off.

My next hack is the shit, literally. Pour vinegar in your toilet tank to help keep your toilet clean between washings. You can use bleach or even toilet cleaner for this, but I chose vinegar because we have pets. We keep the toilet lid down since we have a dog that will drink out of the toilet bowl, but occasionally a guest will leave the lid up. Vinegar is not harmful to pets (it can cause an upset stomach in some especially if they have too much of it, but it is not toxic). So I can use this hack and be comforted knowing that if any toilet drinking happens I don’t have to rush her to the vet. Our dog doesn’t like the taste of vinegar though so it helps keep her out of the toilet and keeps my toilet clean.

Our kitchen is right off the entryway to the garage. This means my countertops become a catch-all for mail. I hate this and it instantly makes my house look messy. My hack to fix this doesn’t work perfectly, but I now have a small table where we can place mail, purses, wallets and keys right next to the door. Because it is a small table I clean the top off more frequently to make room. Also it’s a table with drawers which is great since it can store some of our essentials like gloves and dog leashes.

Now this next hack I have shared before, but it’s our Roomba. You can read my full review here. I love our Roomba and I love that she cleans up all of the pieces that our dog picks out of her dog food. My floors aren’t spotless but they are definitely more clean throughout the week because of our Roomba.

Lastly, I am all about storage boxes. My closet is full of them. I don’t always like spending money on them though so I tend to repurpose them. For example on top of my toilet is an old makeup wipe box, it’s the perfect size for discretely storing feminine products. Underneath our sink are some Amazon shipping boxes that were the perfect size to store my hair styling tools. An old shoe box sits inside our linen closet which houses our medicines. My favorite storage thing is something I spent money on. I ordered a shoe display rack from Amazon. You know the racks that they put the clearance shoes on at big department stores? They can house up to 75 pairs of shoes. I love it. It is compact enough to fit in the back of our hall closet and it fits a lot of shoes. Now our shoes aren’t piled up on the floor but instead are tucked away and displayed nicely.

All of these hacks have helped me keep a cleaner house. I actually feel more adult like now. What are some of the cleaning hacks you use?


5 thoughts on “Cleaning House for the Lazy People


    Tell me more about the shoe rack you bought! Does it fit under your coats in the closet or is it tall and uses its own area without hangers near it? Do you have a photo?

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