Keep in touch!

I have moved a lot and that means I get into this vicious cycle of meeting awesome people and then moving away from them. I love being able to go back and visit them all, but it doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately sometimes those friendships fade away to just be fun memories. Social media has helped me stay in touch with them more and feel like I am still a part of their daily lives; but not everyone is very active on social media. I honestly don’t post as much on Facebook anymore and maybe use Instagram once a month. Part of this has been because I am trying to work on my self esteem and not compare myself to others. The other part is I am just sick of seeing all of the arguments people are getting into on those sites. With me being less active on social media though I realized those precious long distance friendships can fade even faster.

So I started an experiment. Whenever I think of someone or wonder what is going on in their lives, I send them a quick text or even a Snapchat. This in turn has ended up being an even better way to stay in touch. Every time I send note it’s always some simple variation of “thinking of you today!” Usually when I get a response back it’s about something going on in their life. For example I recently texted a friend and found out they were going to become bee keepers! I learned all sorts of things about getting and keeping bees. When I send a Snapchat to a friend I oftentimes get back hilarious pictures. Recently I sent a simple Snapchat to a friend of just our dog with the caption of Rachel needs a walk. I then found out that they are getting a pet! They were on their way to a shelter to look at options for cats or kittens. I got some adorable Snapchats then of kitties playing. It was great to see these things and feel like you were a part of their lives again. It was even more fun learning what they were up to before it became Facebook official.

Social media can be great to stay in touch, but throw it back to the 00’s where you send a text. Besides now you don’t have to wait until 9pm for free texting (I just aged myself didn’t I…)! You will be surprised at how much that text can mean to your friend and even you. The responses I have gotten from my texts have made me feel less alone. I am making some friends here in Ohio and have met some awesome people, but those friends and I don’t quite have the deep relationship of some of my past friendships. It will get there but it takes time, so in the meantime I am focusing on deepening the friendships of those established long distance pals by staying in touch the old fashioned way!


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