White Haired Beauty

Yesterday I got my hair dyed. I always get my hair dyed since I have so many greys. They aren’t even grey, they are just pure white streaks that take over about 30-40% of my hair. Since I am still in my 20’s and not ready to embrace aging myself even more, I pay to dye my hair. I choose to get it professionally done since it is healthier for my hair and also because for an hour and a half every 6-8 weeks I can escape from reality and relax in a salon chair. I usually leave my phone in the car and unplug for my salon time, apparently this month everyone in my family decided that would be the perfect time to call me to catch up. I had 4 missed calls and 3 voicemails. Luckily it was just phone calls about wanting to catch up, so I happily called them all back.

One of the calls was to my Grandpa. I called him back right away since I love chatting with him. As I told him what I had been doing when he called, he said the usual loving grandpa thing of “you don’t need to go to a salon you are the most beautiful granddaughter ever.” That man knows the way to my heart. I laughed and told him about my greys and how being 28, I didn’t want them yet. He asked me why not. I said I was too young yet. He then told me that my Gramma went grey early. He said she was so mad when she was going grey at 22. He told me she didn’t just go grey she went white. I laughed and said that’s how mine is. He then told me to keep it white. When I asked him why his response was beautiful.

He loved my Gramma’s white hair. He thought it was beautiful. It was beautiful because it was pure white, but even more beautiful because it meant they were aging together. Each one of those white hairs was a reminder to him of the stress they added to their lives. The stress of becoming a mother and father, raising a farm, and being a partnership were the most stressful and rewarding parts of his life. Those white hairs reminded him of the stress and joyful life they built together. Seeing her white hairs reminded him how life is short and every day with the love of his life was a gift. Eventually all her hair became whiter and his started falling out, they aged together and their love grew stronger. To him those white hairs were a trophy they earned together. That was so beautiful to hear and I almost canceled my next hair appointment… maybe I will slowly embrace my white hairs or maybe I will when I am 30, but at least now I realize how beautiful they are.


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