Routine life

I did not want to be an adult this week. I had such a good weekend with my friend and I just wasn’t ready to go back to work. My awesome weekend with her actually kind of disrupted my blogging routine (which you can read here), and then work was super busy so I stayed late most nights. I will let you guess which one of those disruptions to my routine I actually didn’t mind. Mix that in with the little to no sleep I had (read why here) and I was not functioning properly this week.

Sometimes it is really hard to be an adult and be responsible. I miss those carefree days and memories of being a child. Especially on weeks where my routine is gone. I have realized though that those carefree days as a child, were so carefree because I was on a routine. My mom had our lives organized and planned. She took care of it all and I hardly noticed because of the routine she made. Now though as I have gotten older, I say that I don’t need a routine but I get settled into one quickly.

Even when we lived in Memphis and I never knew when Darren would be home, we had a routine. I knew exactly when I was going to call Darren. I knew exactly when I had to leave for work. Rachel knew exactly when she needed a walk. Here in Ohio, I have started a workout routine and a meal routine that has us loosing weight. I usually leave every morning at the same time. I have a Saturday morning routine that allows me to have time to blog and enjoy it. My point since I am starting to ramble, is that my routine allows me to have a carefree life. Yes, I still have responsibilities like bills and work. However having my routine days to grocery shop, pay bills, work, and workout allow me to enjoy the time that isn’t planned out much more. Spontaneity is nice every now and then but I am now loving my routine.


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