Rothy Review

My sister in law has a few pairs of Rothy’s shoes. They are cute and she has some fun colors. She would constantly tell me how comfortable they were. I considered getting a pair and then I saw the price…yeah no Rothy’s for me. After continually seeing Facebook ads for them and hearing from a few women about how great they were, I decided to go for it. I got a coupon code from my sister in law and bought two pairs.

I decided to purchase the sneaker and the point. I bought both shoes in a size 6.5 since I had read they were true to size. Two days after ordering, they were at my doorstep. With the sneaker it was instant love. The shoe stretched to my foot, it flexed when I walked, it felt like it was compression as well. It fit perfectly. I couldn’t wait to wear it and did wear it immediately to work the next day. I wore them all day and didn’t even get a blister.

The point on the other hand was disappointing. It flexed and was just as awesome as the sneaker but it was too narrow. I read some reviews on it and a few people had said they had to size up on the point. So I decided to return it and size up. The return process was so easy! I was able to start and could have done the entire return without talking to someone if I wanted, but I had a few questions and contacted customer service. They were so nice. Plus bonus it was free return shipping and the shoe box sealed up for shipping. Even more amazing was my new size was ready and shipped to me right away. (Probably as soon as the shipping label on the return was scanned.) My sized up flats were great. They looked nice with work pants and jeans. They looked super classy with a skirt but best of all they were COMFY.

Seriously, I wore both of these shoes all day at work and didn’t feel the need to take them off at all. I have a standing desk and used it a lot longer than normal when wearing these shoes. I actually wore my sneaker when volunteering at a wine event not too long ago. I was standing on my feet all day on a concrete floor and felt no back pain and my feet weren’t horribly tired. While they do not have a lot of arch support they felt like I wasn’t even wearing shoes.

What makes these shoes even more impressive is that they are made from recycled materials. I love that the shoes are comfortable, I love that they are machine washable, I love that they are using recycled materials. They are well worth the price and I for one am already trying to decide what my next pair will be.

If you are looking to purchase a pair use this link below for $20 off!

Rothy’s Coupon


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