Bestie Trip

It’s 3:30 am on a Saturday and I am wide awake. I keep waking up early lately, but today I am just too excited to sleep. Today my best friend is coming to visit. She will be here for just 48 hours, so it’s a really quick trip considering she lives in Arizona and I live in Ohio. That’s 3,057 km of travel for anyone who was wondering. The last time we saw each other was at her wedding in July. We have texted pretty much everyday, tagged each other in countless memes, FaceTimed and talked on the phone, but no matter what way we use to stay in touch nothing beats a visit.

While I am so excited for her to come see our new house and to see her beautiful face, I am also just so excited for girl time. I have slowly started to make some great friends here in Ohio. We are making Ohio feel more and more like a home for us, the only person here that I can just tell my soul to is Darren. While I absolutely love Darren, he just doesn’t understand some of the things us women go through.

For example, I have been losing weight. This has been due to eating better and working out more. We did a whole 30 and really have yet to fully incorporate dairy, bread, or added sugar back. If we have them it’s at a minimum or as a small treat. While this is great and I am seeing slow steady results, I am still getting discouraged. The reason for this is because none of my clothes fit. My old clothes before I gained the weight are yet too tight. My current clothes are too big. I actually just feel frumpy and still fat, so I think “what’s the point”. This is why I need a girlfriend here that I can go shopping with. I need someone who has already seen me vulnerable, so when I march into a fitting room with no idea of my size they won’t judge me if I get frustrated. Someone who knows my style and will be open and honest if a shirt looks bad. Most importantly someone who steers me clear of a lime green cardigan.

I know I am going to talk her ear off, and she will talk mine off too. I know we will also be silent and just soak each other in. I can’t wait to munch on pizza and just stare at her. I am just so excited for her to come. I am so excited to curl up on my couch with her while we sip wine and watch old Friends reruns. 5:30am is when we pick her up and it can’t come soon enough. Sometimes you just need your bestie.


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