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First I want to start this post by wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s day! After having my blog for a little over a year, I have found such a supportive community. I really enjoy reading all of the posts, I have learned so much and grown so much from all of my followers as well as those I follow! So in honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to spread the love to some of my fellow bloggers that I really enjoy reading.img_8214

The Stellar Stories, I started following this blog because I love reading about travel. There are also some really great tips for life in her blog as well. Recently one of her posts caught my attention and now I am going to try incorporating her advice into my life. Check it out here.

Some Kind of 50 is a blog I started following because one of the posts made me think. Every time I read a post it is always a new perspective for me and I love it. I recently am dieting and a recent post drew me in and reminded me to be kind to myself. Read it here.

My Own Calcutta Blog is one I started following because I really want to garden and she has such beautiful posts about flowers every now and then. I love reading about her life and her perspectives as well as enjoy her Thousand Word Thursdays. While getting ready for Valentine’s Day, I saw one of her more recent blog posts that reminded me of how beautiful marriage is. See it here.

Sports As Told By A Girl is literally sports written by women. I love it! Even if they don’t highlight my teams, I love the variety of writers and I love that women know about sports! Recently there was a pretty great post about my favorite sport hockey even though it wasn’t for my team 🙂 read it here.

Musings of a Dog Mom is a blog I started following since she does some really cute posts from her dog’s perspective and I love dogs. I love her posts since they make me laugh and she is so real! Plus she has Ohio roots so has given me some advice on how to live here. Read up on one of her hysterical dogs and his latest vet adventure here.

Hackman Family Blog is one I honestly don’t remember why I started following but I love that I did. This blog has opened my eyes to foster care, PCOS, infertility, religion, and so much more. She is honest and open and a wonderful person. I cannot wait to keep reading about their foster journey since they just got the call! Read about it here.

American Lost in London, I started following because of travel. This girl is living my dream life. She is studying fashion in London. I am so jealous but also am so proud of her. I love that she shares her life and is already a strong young woman. She is still a student, exploring somewhere thousands of miles from home and a blogger and is doing great at it all. I love all of her posts and you can read them here.

I am sorry I can’t highlight all of the bloggers I follow. There are so many good ones and I love reading up on all of the blogs out there. Please feel free to post links to other blogs in the comments and I will check them out. Let’s spread the blogging love this Valentine’s Day!

Other great blogs to go visit:

Sunshiny SA Site

Alphe’s Corner

A Typical Life

The Smother Mother

Ciara’s Little Blog

Itinerant Philosopher 

Fabulous Life Adventures  


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