A cup of coffee or a cup of love?

I don’t know if it is because the weather is feeling more fallish or if it is because pumpkin spice is back, but everywhere I look people are talking, blogging, or drinking coffee! I figured it might be fun to share my own personal history with coffee, as it’s a unique story that involves a boy…

In high school my group of friends and I always thought we were so cool when we went to Starbucks or had coffee. Truth is we all hated it then and ordered the sweetest, sugariest drinks available or a hot chocolate just so we could have the cool cup. In college, I needed caffeine to make it through some of those all nighters (double major with a masters degree is no joke). However I still didn’t really like coffee so I drank soda or the occasional sugary coffee filled drink when I had a spare $5. It wasn’t until I had an internship as a translator that I started drinking coffee. Mostly this was because I was freezing in the office I worked at and wanted a warm cup to put my hands on. Even then I still poured tons of sweetener in it.

When I graduated College and started my first job, I moved from my home state of Illinois to middle of nowhere Kansas. I was 600+ miles (975 km for non Americans) away from my family. I was quite frankly alone. This was a fun problem when over a holiday weekend my car broke down. I was stranded until some new nice work acquaintance came to pick me up. That work acquaintance was Darren. Since I was without a car and my car was way too much money to fix, Darren began carpooling with me to work. He would pick me up at my apartment every morning and always had a cup of coffee waiting for me. I didn’t want to be rude so I took it graciously but never wanted to drink it. The secretary at work liked coffee though, so I would bring the mug in and give it to her. She was really sly and figured out that there might be a budding romance between this boy and I. So she made it her personal mission to find out how I liked my coffee.

At that point it was coffee with sugar and more cream than coffee. She passed this info along to Darren, even with information on what flavored creamers I liked. Darren started making me coffee that way every morning. Slowly he started adding less sugar and I didn’t really notice. Two years later when we were engaged and living together, I was trying to diet and lose some weight for the wedding. He started buying fat free creamer, but still was slowly weaning me off of creamer. I finally became a black coffee drinker 4 months before our wedding just about 3 years from when we started carpooling. I then learned that he had always liked his coffee black, but would make it the way I liked every morning because he never knew which cup I would grab. If that ain’t love then I don’t know what is…


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