Ordering Clothes Online

A review of 3 popular brands found on Facebook.

I am a sucker for a sale, and with it being wedding season I needed to refresh my dress wardrobe. I started looking online at dresses to wear, since most of the weddings we are going to are within the same friend group and many of my old dresses no longer fit. I found 3 cute cheap dresses online that had great reviews! All three of them I could wear again for work, or even wear them to other weddings. Only drawback was I had never used these companies before, so I had no idea how good their quality was…so now sit back and enjoy my reviews of a few online popular clothing companies.

Retro Stage

Retro Stage

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. Wrap dresses are my go to dresses. They usually fit my figure well, and I thought the print was nice. I also liked that it had a high low hem which isn’t something I usually go for. It would be a great dress for one of our June weddings, and for one of the rehearsal dinners. I did some sleuth work before ordering, I looked at the reviews for the company (I could only find reviews on Facebook). I saw pictures of people in the dress though on FB. I even found the dress on Amazon being sold in other colors at a similar price. I decided to order the dress in navy from Retro Stage though since I liked the navy the best. After one month of waiting for the dress to come in, I finally saw a shipping confirmation email and my PayPal account get charged. The tracking information though on my package was in Chinese. This made me worry that I did in fact get duped by one of those fake websites that send low quality items. Afterwards I went back to re-read reviews, and literally all the comments and reviews on Facebook were removed! However my dress finally came in. It took almost a month for me to get the shipping confirmation and then another month to get the dress. The dress was shorter than I anticipated, and the seams were wavy. The hole to thread the wrap string in was lower than it should have been so it did not lay properly. While the quality could have been a lot worse, it was not worth the wait, except it was cheap. Honestly I wouldn’t order from here again.


Prices on this site were a bit more expensive, however I had an online coupon code! Plus, the reviews were amazing on the website, and the reviews included pictures of real customers. I felt confident ordering from this site. That is until I got my garments. I paid about $35-40 for each dress. Once I received the dresses, I wasn’t very happy with how much I had paid.  Quite honestly if I would have saw the dresses in a store I would not have purchased them unless they were $20 or less. The dresses are well made though, they all have true hems, and were true to size. My issue has been solely with how thin the material is. I will still definitely wear the dresses, and I like them both enough to not return them, but I just wonder how long they will last. I would order from Modcloth again, as long as I have a coupon.

Lime Lush

lime lush

In addition to some new dresses, I found a shirt for the summer. I know, I am trying to do a capsule wardrobe, but I need some new items to mix in once in a while and I couldn’t stop thinking about this shirt. Pus I am at that awkward in between my old size and new size situation now from working out regularly. The shirt was kind of expensive for a plain t-shirt, but the company sent me a 10% off offer. Then the shirt went on sale, so using my 10% off and the sale price I was able to justify it! The shirt shipped really fast. I loved the material, it was soft and slightly silky. Everything about this shirt was great until I washed it. Once I washed and dried it, it became misshapen and shrunk. I am currently in the process of trying to stretch it back out and that will be another blog post. I hope I can save it, because I liked the quality and still like the shirt! It was my own fault for throwing it in the drier, but I would order from them again.

Now some actual photos (except of the shirt since I ruined it in the wash)


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